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Toulon - the city and the largest naval base in France is located on the Mediterranean coast just east of Marseille. The settlement on the site of modern Toulon was founded by the Phoenicians, the convenience of the city as a deep-water military harbor was appreciated by the first French kings, Saracens, Algerian pirates, and Genoese. Toulon became the scene of many wars, during the French Revolution it was in Toulon in 1793 that Napoleon's career began, during the Second World War, Toulon was badly destroyed and was rebuilt already in the 1950s.

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Toulon is the conditional western border of the French Riviera, but it is, of course, more of a port, industrial center and naval base than a resort. Therefore, after spending some time exploring the sights, tourists should rent a yacht in Toulon and start exploring the coast to the east - towards the Cote d'Azur. The marinas of Toulon can be reached from Toulon-Hyères International Airport - it is about 25 km.

Yacht charter in Toulon is not difficult, the city has three large marinas: Port de la Vieille Darse for 600 yachts up to 55 m in length, draft up to 8 m, 100 berths reserved for guests, Toulon Darse Nord, for 367 yachts up to 40 m in length, up to 8 m draft and Saint-Louis du Mourillon for 265 yachts up to 60 m in length, up to 2 m draft. The first two marinas are in the bucket of the military port, the third is behind the cape closer to the exit to the sea, next to it begins a chain of comfortable sandy beaches with highly developed infrastructure. These beaches are very good for families with children, there is a children's entertainment center, a sports complex, squares, restaurants, hotels, boutiques nearby, from here it is easy to get to the center of Toulon.

The Fort Saint-Louis Marina and Murillon Beach can be considered the western starting point of the French Riviera. After spending some time exploring the historical monuments preserved in the city and the twin beaches of Toulon, you will soon want to see other places, and there are many of them in the vicinity of the city. Explore the area, especially east towards Hyères and south with a yacht charter in Toulon. Right in front of the Toulon harbor, you will find beaches, parks and restaurants on the Lazare Bay, and there are two marinas where you can moor your yacht.

In the east, the bays and beaches of Cape Brune are waiting for you, but these beaches are rocky and more suitable for snorkeling from the yacht, and sandy beaches with clear water even to the east - Anse Mejean and 'Anse de Magaud are good not only as beaches for relaxing with children, monasteries and ancient fishing villages have been preserved on their shores. By renting a yacht in Toulon you can reach these inaccessible and little-developed picturesque places of the Cote d'Azur.