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Marseille is the largest port on the Mediterranean coast of France, an important transport and industrial center, it is the second largest city in France. The port and city on the shores of the Bay of Marseilles were founded by the Phoenicians 600 years BC. Life in the city is in full swing at any time of the day; it may seem noisy and not at all a resort. All the more reason you have on arrival to charter a yacht in Marseille and go on vacation to the numerous resorts nearby, where you will find an abundance of excellent beaches, many attractions on the coast and the diverse underwater world of the crystal clear waters of the Côte d'Azur ...

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Renting a yacht in Marseille is easy - the entire water area of the old port has been turned into a giant marina Vieux Port de Marseille for 3200 yachts up to 90 m in length and up to 6 m draft. You can get to the marina from Marseille airport, the road without traffic jams will take no more than half an hour - it's only 27 km. There are several more marinas in the bay to the north and west of the new port, but you should pay attention to the Port du Frioul marina, designed for 800 yachts up to 14 m long and up to 11 m draft, located on the Ratono island at the exit from the Marseille bay, the island is part of a small Friul archipelago. On this archipelago, which is part of the city limits of Marseille, you should definitely take a boat trip to get acquainted with the Château d'If, where the Count of Monte Cristo languished, to explore the forts and relax on the local beaches.

There is a beach in the center of Marseille - Plage des Catalans is located 20 minutes walk from the old port. On the way from the marina to the beach, you can look at the opera house, take a short detour to look into the Notre-Dame de la Garde cathedral - this is the highest point in the city and a place that no sailor can miss. In the parking lot near the cathedral, you can rarely find a free space, and if you want to visit the cathedral, it is better to book a tour in advance on its website. Catalan beach is small sandy, separated from the entrance to the bay by a cape and the water on the beach is clean, it is suitable for families with children. Returning from the beach to the marina, you can see the Fort of Saint Nicholas - the patron saint of sailors and the Abbey of Saint-Victor. To visit other beaches you'd better rent a yacht in Marseille and go to the Friul archipelago or east along the coast - Marseille is still more of a port city than a resort.

Elite districts of Marseille to the southeast deserve attention - one is called La Plage, then Bonneveine with the beaches du Profet, du Prado, de la Pointe Rouge - the latter has a small marina, there are parks near the coast where it is good to relax with children. All beaches are sandy, protected from sea waves by breakwaters, and have a highly developed infrastructure. Yacht charter in Marseille will allow you to visit the many cozy coves in the surrounding area, where you can go snorkelling, spearfishing, photography or diving. And in the evening, you should give it to Marseille cuisine - do not forget to try bouybes - a thick fish soup, in the preparation of which no less than 10 varieties of fish and seafood are used, and saffron is a visiting card of Marseille.