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La Rochelle is a port on the French coast of the Bay of Biscay, the very same one during the siege of which D'Artagnan and his three Musketeer friends distinguished themselves. The city was founded in the 10th century at the dawn of the formation of the French state, during the era of the Crusades, La Rochelle became one of the key centers of the Templar Order. The city knew periods of ups and downs; after the defeat of the Templars, the heyday fell on the reign of the Huguenots, with whom the heroes of Dumas fought.

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It is clear that there are more than enough historical and cultural monuments in and around La Rochelle, but there are no beaches in the city, so anyone who wants to swim in the Bay of Biscay will rent a yacht in La Rochelle and go to the islands at the entrance to the bay - where the conditions for a beach holiday are close to ideal. Although Ryo Island, which went down in history after the defeat of the Duke of Buckingham's detachment in 1628, can be reached via a bridge, a yacht is preferable. On a yacht, you can go south and visit the famous Napoleonic Fort Boyard, which guarded the coast from the British in the early 19th century.

You can rent a yacht in La Rochelle in one of the marinas, for example, the largest Port des Minimes La Rochelle, designed for 4588 yachts up to 60 m in length and up to 2 m draft; this marina has 464 berths reserved for transit yachts. There is a deeper-water small marina in the old port of La Rochelle, capable of receiving yachts with a draft of up to 5 m, entering it through a narrow channel between the old fortress towers. You can get to the marinas from La Rochelle international airport - it is located within the city limits, or from the airports of Nantes (113 km), Poitiers (123 km), Bordeaux (154 km) or Paris (470 km).

For a beach holiday in La Rochelle, it is better to move to Rue Island, you can cross to it by the bridge, but it is better to rent a yacht in La Rochelle and use it. On the continental part of the city there is Plage Chef de Baie beach on the opposite side of the bay to the marina, but it is rocky, small and not popular, unlike the wide sandy island beaches of Nord, Sud, Plage de La Salée and others - almost the entire coast of Rø Island is a sandy beach. The southern beaches of Rho Island are protected from the waves and are suitable for families with children and for water sports, but for snorkelling and diving, it is better to go on a yacht charter from La Rochelle 60 miles northwest into the ocean towards the island l'Île-d'Yeu (about 9 miles offshore) with its popular sandy De Vieille Beach. On the northeastern coast, there are a chain of sandy beaches with light sand and clear water. But it should be remembered that the beaches of the island of l'Île-d'Yeu are wild, have no infrastructure and it is necessary to observe safety measures on the water, the swimming season is July-August.

Returning to La Rochelle, one should pay tribute to the local attractions - stroll through the streets of the city-museum, free of transport, pay tribute to the Aquitaine cuisine - taste dishes from oysters baked in sea bass salt and local wine, and after dinner take part in one of the holidays that are held in La Rochelle all year round.