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Propriano is a popular beach resort in the south-west of Corsica, located on the shores of the Valinko Bay, which juts deep into the land.In antiquity, the Middle Ages and during the Renaissance, the port played an important role in sea communications and numerous wars. The city began to develop as a resort in 1873 after the construction of a road. The best time to stay here is from May to the end of October, the best way is to rent a yacht in Propriano for organizing beach holidays and boat trips around the resort, since the town itself is small - only a little more than 3 thousand inhabitants. The surroundings are very interesting, in addition, from Propriano it makes sense to make sea voyages north to Ajaccio and south to Sardinia.

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You can rent a yacht in Propriano in the Porto de Propriano marina, designed for 429 yachts up to 45 m in length and up to 6 m draft.You can get to the marina from Figari airport in the south of Corsica - only 30 km, or Ajaccio airport - 35 km.

Excellent sandy beaches with clear water are located next to the marina - Propriano beach is wide, has excellent infrastructure, restaurants, hotels, apartments, souvenir shops are nearby, the beach is good for families with children, but you should be careful, as there are large stones. Further in the depths of the bay, there is another popular de Baraci beach - the largest sandy beach with light sand and clear water, there are rarely waves on it, it is also good for families with children, but it does not have infrastructure, it is better to take everything you need with you. If you rent a yacht in Propriano, you can cross the bay and enjoy excellent beaches at the entrance to the open sea - from the huge Plage de Campitellu to Cape Pollo, the coast is an almost continuous chain of excellent sandy beaches, shallow and gently sloping downhill, there are few stones under the water, all the beaches are good for families with children, but they have limited infrastructure, so it is better to have a supply of everything you need on board the yacht. The beaches to the south of the marina are no less interesting - the beaches of de Capu Laurosu and de Portigliolo, with almost white sand and a gentle descent into transparent water, are also good for families with children, rocks protruding from the sea opposite the beaches are a great place for snorkeling.

Having explored the nearby beaches on a yacht rented in Propriano, you can make more distant exits to the sea - to the southern tip of Corsica - Bonifacio and the islets of Ratino, or further - to the archipelago off the northern coast of Sardinia and to Sardinia itself. Arriving in Propriano, you should definitely make a sea voyage to the north - to Ajaccio, the homeland of Napoleon.

Returning to Propriano, after examining the fortifications of the early Middle Ages and a small historical part of the town, you should pay close attention to the Corsican cuisine, it is original and different from the usual Mediterranean ones, chestnuts and semi-wild animals' meat, cheeses from goat and sheep milk are widely used in it, oysters and other seafood, don't forget the local brocciu and lemon fiadone dessert and of course the local wines.