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Saint-Mandre-sur-Mer is a city and a commune located on the peninsula of the same name, directly opposite the harbor of Toulon. A wide peninsula is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. There are places for recreation on the territory of the commune, but they are quite compact, so it makes sense to use the town as a base for your sea voyages along the Cote d'Azur, for which you should rent a yacht in Saint-Mandre-sur-Mer. The city of Saint-Mandre-sur-Mer became in 1950, before that there were only fishing villages on the peninsula, and the main function of the peninsula was to protect the approaches to the harbor of Toulon, three-quarters of the peninsula is still occupied by the facilities of the French Navy. There are cozy places for recreation on the territory of the commune, but there are many more in the immediate vicinity.

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You can rent a yacht in Saint-Mandre-sur-Mer in the marinas Port Pin Rolland, designed for 350 yachts up to 20 m in length and up to 3 m draft, or Port de St. Mandrier sur Mer, capable of accommodating up to 800 yachts up to 18 in length and up to 2.5 m draft. There are two more marinas for small boats nearby. You can get to the marinas from Toulon-Hyères airport - less than 40 km, much further from Nice airport - more than 150 km.

Saint-Mandre-sur-Mer provides a wide choice of places for a beach holiday, depending on the tastes and preferences of tourists, there are wide comfortable sandy beaches and secluded rocky coves. When the most famous wind in the south of France, which has received its own name - Mistral, blows, due to the location and shape of the peninsula, tourists can choose beaches on the sheltered or, on the contrary, the windward side of the peninsula for windsurfing, kitesurfing and other sports that require waves and wind. A yacht chartered in Saint-Mandre-sur-Mer will help you in choosing a beach holiday destination. You can choose a beach near the marina or more picturesque ones at a distance. The sandy, well-maintained Plage des Sablettes beach is located a few hundred meters from the Pin Rolland marina, you just need to cross the isthmus, this beach is optimal for families with children, nearby is the Braudel Park, hotels, restaurants, a little further to the east - another park with campgrounds, a tennis club and Plage de Sainte-Asile, a favorite among snorkelers.

Having rented a yacht in Saint-Mandre-sur-Mer you should walk around the peninsula and get acquainted with its cozy bays and their underwater world, and then take a sea voyage to Toulon - a historic city, the main base of the French Navy , explore the eastern regions of Toulon with its excellent sandy beaches. After exploring Toulon, you should start regular excursions to the west of Saint-Mandre-sur-Mer to the islands of the neighboring commune Six-Fours-les-Plages - Embier, Grand Gau and Petit Gau, Grand Rouveau - these islands were chosen by divers, the Oceanographic Institute is located here and many great beaches. Back in Saint-Mandre-sur-Mer, do not miss the opportunity to explore the cuisine of Provence, the town is strongly influenced by Marseille cuisine with its abundance of fish and seafood dishes, and Provence wines do not need advertising.