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Vannes is a French city with an area of 32.3 km2 with a population of about 55 thousand people, which is located in the Brittany region and belongs to the department of Morbihan. Vannes was founded in 56 BC. Romans, the name of the resort comes from the Celtic tribe of the Veneti, who lived in the southwest of Armorica (northwest of present-day France).

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Vannes yacht charter is available at the marina of the same name. The port is located near the center of the resort and has a capacity of 280 ships; on its territory there is all the necessary infrastructure, including laundry, toilets and showers, and you can also replenish the supply of drinking water.

At a distance of 62.4 km from the center of Bath, there is Lann Bihoue airport serving international and local flights, another one - Montoir in the city of Saint-Nazaire is located 71 km. The city can be reached by renting a car or using public transport.

Vacationers can stay in one of the many hotels, not far from the historic center are The Originals Vannes Manche-Océan, Qualys-Hotel, Best Western Plus Le Roof, Kyriad Prestige Vannes Center-Palais des Arts.

There are many places for beach recreation in the vicinity of the town, all of them can be visited by renting a yacht in Vannes. Among the most popular and demanded options are Conleau Beach, Langle, Pen Boc'h, Moustérian.

The resort has a large number of cafes and restaurants that offer both French or signature cuisine and fast food. Among the best establishments Bath with a gourmet menu are La Tete En L'air, Le Thika Miam, Le sous-sol, Basilic & Co Vannes.

By renting a yacht in Vannes, you can go to explore the Gulf of Morbihan, as well as more than 40 large and small islands, such as Hedich, Arz, Ile aux Moines and others. Once on the Locmariaquer Peninsula with its own amazing microclimate, be sure to taste the local dates and pomegranates, as well as visit the only vineyard in this part of Brittany.

The ancient city of art and history has a large number of attractions: the Cathedral of St. Peter, the construction of which lasted from the 15th to the 19th centuries; church of st. Paterna in classic style; chapel of Saint-Yves in 1577; Château Gaillard is a castle with an archaeological museum on its territory. Also worth a visit is the Largett Fortress, where adventurers have the opportunity to descend into the deepest dungeon in France.

Yacht charter in Vannes opens up unlimited possibilities for vacationers: explore the coast, dock at the port for sightseeing or enjoy water sports.