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San Rafael - a town and commune on the French Riviera occupies a picturesque mountainous stretch of the Mediterranean coast between Cannes and Saint-Tropez. The population of the commune is about 33 thousand people. In the west, the town of San Rafael forms a single urban agglomeration with the older town of Frejus. There are several marinas in Saint-Raphael, since without a yacht it will be difficult to explore the bays and beaches under the steep banks of the Cap du Dramont peninsula.

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You can rent a yacht in Saint-Raphael in the very center of the city - the Vieux-Port de Saint-Raphael marina can accommodate 278 yachts up to 48 m in length and up to 3.5 m draft; to the south is Le Nouveau Port Santa Lucia with two pools for a total of 1630 yachts up to 24 m in length and up to 4 m draft, outside the city in the east near the beaches, a small marina Port de Boulouris provides small boats up to 6 m for rent. You can get to the marinas of Saint-Raphael from the international Nice airport - just over 60 km, or Toulon-Hyères airport - about 80 km,

There are sandy beaches in San Rafael itself and nearby in Fréjus - on both sides of the marina of the Old Port of Saint-Raphael. Plage du Veillat is a narrow sandy strip along the coastal boulevard, has good infrastructure, hotels, restaurants, boutiques are nearby, the beach is suitable for families with children - you can opt for it, or you can rent a yacht in Saint-Raphael and make a short trek to the east to explore the picturesque coves with steep shores and pebble beaches of the Dramont Peninsula, part of the Provencal Alps, or the fashionable sandy beaches of Saint-Tropez to the west.

Saint-Raphael is attractive for family holidays and is interesting as a historical city - in 1799 Napoleon landed in its old port after the victorious Egyptian campaign, from the same port in 1914 he went into exile on the island of Elba, Napoleon's memorial is located next to the marina. Natural attractions in the vicinity of Saint-Raphael are no less interesting. To explore the sights of the coast, you should rent a yacht in Saint-Raphael and make small exits to the east - where the Alps mountain range comes close to the coast - there are many picturesque cozy bays for anchorage, snorkeling, diving, underwater photography. It is in these places that you can combine a beach holiday with a tour of historical sites - two miles to the east, the wide sand and pebble Plage du Débarquement, on which the Allied forces landed in August 1944. Near the beach is a tiny rocky Golden Island with a watchtower, the water area around the island is a favorite place for yachtsmen and divers. Continuing further east towards Cannes, you reach the pebbled Plage de Maupas at the foot of the Bear Peak.

Yacht charter in Saint-Raphael will give you the opportunity to make your vacation on the French Riviera more varied and rich, you will be able to choose between the measured family Saint-Raphael and bohemian and noisy Saint-Tropez, you will be able to take boat trips in Cannes and Nice, disembark on the picturesque historic islands off the Côte d'Azur.