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Porto Vecchio is a small town on the southeast coast of Corsica, founded by the Romans. The Romans were replaced by the Genoese, then the French, each of the eras of the city's life left many monuments of history and culture. The city has been known since antiquity for salt production, fishing and a commercial port, and Porto-Vecchio became a resort in the middle of the 20th century after the swamps were drained. The city is located in the depths of the large bay of the same name, there are no beaches in the city itself, to get to them it is better to rent a yacht in Porto Vecchio and take a sea trip along the beaches and picturesque bays of the Corsican coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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You can rent a yacht in Porto Vecchio in one of the marinas, the largest of which Port de Porto Vecchio is designed for 380 yachts up to 24 m in length and up to 4 m draft. You can get to the marina from the airport Figari Sud Corse is 22 km away or Ajaccio Airport is 65 km away.

The beaches near Porto Vecchio have a relatively narrow coastal strip, trees are close to the water, all beaches are suitable for families with children. The sand here is almost white, the water is clear, there are large stones in the water, nature is conducive to snorkeling and underwater photography, but you need to remember about the modest infrastructure of the beaches. The most popular beach is Palombaggia in a wide bay on the shore of the Tyrrhenian Sea, its length is more than 2 km, there are restaurants at the entrances to the beach, a diving club operates, anchorages are more interesting at the capes that border the bay. Closer to the city beyond the exit from the bay on the left bank there is a chain of beaches from Punta di Benedettu to Cala Rossa, it is also better to reach them with a yacht rented in Porto Vecchio, anchorages are allowed along the entire line.

There are many attractions in and around Porto-Vecchio, the old city center and the area above it deserve attention, tourists can see the 16th century citadel, the Bastion de France fortress, the remains of the Genoese port. Here, in the old town, there are many boutiques, after the tour, you can spend time shopping.

There are many natural monuments in the vicinity of the city that also deserve attention, for example, the Cerbical archipelago - four uninhabited islands located just opposite the Palombaggia beach. The only way to reach them is to rent a yacht in Porto Vecchio and approach the islands at the anchorage. Here you can disembark and enjoy a walk and the beaches, or explore the coast and go diving, spearfishing and photography - nature on land and under water is equally attractive.

Returning to Porto-Vecchio in the evening, you need to take a gastronomic tour of local restaurants. Corsican cuisine has retained its originality, chestnuts and semi-wild animals, brocciu cheeses from goat and sheep milk, oysters and other seafood are widely used in it, do not forget the local fiadone dessert made from the same brocciu cheese and lemon. Corsicans love holidays, tourists can get to one of them in any season, but it is better to choose the period from May to October for swimming.