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Liege-Cap-Ferret is a commune occupying the sandy promontory of the same name on the Atlantic coast of France in the New Aquitaine region. The Cape is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by the shallow lagoon Beassin d'Arcachon, its area at high tide reaches 155 square meters. km, and at low tide it is reduced to 40 sq. km. The main occupation of the inhabitants of more than a dozen villages of the commune is fishing, oyster farming and serving tourists during the season, which lasts from April to October.

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The water in the lagoon is always 4-5 degrees warmer than in the ocean, so beaches, natural parks, thalassotherapy, and water sports attract tourists to these places. The first thing that tourists do upon arrival at these places is rent a yacht in Liege-Cap-Ferret, since without it, the rest will be limited to the nearest beach and walks near the residence. It is better to rent a yacht with a local skipper, as the lagoon is influenced by the stormy Bay of Biscay and the spits and shoals often change their location after autumn and winter storms.

You can rent a yacht in Liege-Cap-Ferret in one of the small marinas Port de la Vigne Cap Ferret, Port de Piraillan, designed only for their own fleet of no more than 8 m in length, boats are designed for navigation only in Arcachon Lagoon and not designed for ocean access. You can get to the marina from Bordeaux Airport - 56 km. Larger marinas are located on the opposite side of the lagoon in the commune of Arcachon - Port D´Arcachon is designed for 2,700 yachts up to 15 m in length and up to 4 m draft.

The Cap-Ferret peninsula is narrow and stretches strongly from north to south to the strait, so the main part of tourists' recreation is associated with moving along the lagoon between beaches and towns. A yacht rented in Liège-Cap-Ferret allows you to visit Bird Island in the middle of the lagoon - there are oyster farms and "houses on stilts" - and a dozen beaches inside the lagoon, for example, the shallow sandy La Pointe aux Chevaux, Truc Vert, du Phare ideal for families with children, but with a modest infrastructure. It is better to go to the ocean beaches on foot - the width of the peninsula from the traverse of Bird Island to the cape does not exceed 300-400 meters, but it should be remembered that the water in the Bay of Biscay is colder than in the lagoon, there is almost always a strong surf and the beaches have no infrastructure, therefore it is necessary be careful. For families with children, it is better to choose one of the many beaches of the lagoon.

If you rent a yacht in Liège-Cap-Ferret without a local skipper, there are a few things to consider: the navigation in the Beassin d'Arcachon lagoon is intense, therefore a number of restrictions apply: the speed is not more than 20 knots, in On a 300-meter coastal strip, the speed is limited to 5 knots, navigation is prohibited within a radius of 100 m from the buoy indicating the presence of divers, at mooring points the speed is limited to 3 knots, wakeboard and water skiing are allowed outside the 300-meter coastal zone.

In the evening, one should pay tribute to the local cuisine with its abundance of seafood, especially oysters, the taste of which is unique on every farm.