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La Ciotat - a city and commune on the Mediterranean coast of France - is located between Marseille and Toulon, the resort is famous for its beaches and dive sites. Yacht charter in La Ciotte allows tourists to fully enjoy the beaches that stretch along the coast of the commune, and diving enthusiasts explore the picturesque underwater world off the coast of the commune. The Lumière brothers filmed the world's first film, The Arrival of a Train, in La Ciotte, and the game petanque was also invented here.

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As a resort, the city began to develop in the 80s of the last century after the closure of shipbuilding enterprises, although the resort potential was appreciated by the Genoese in the 17th century.

You can rent a yacht in La Ciotat in the marinas Port of La Ciotat, which has two pools (Beruar and Capuchin) for a total of 650 yachts up to 60 m in length and up to 7 m draft, on its territory there is a diving club and a yacht club, and in the old port of Port Abri Marina, which has berths for 300 yachts up to 40 m in length, with a draft of up to 7 m and dry docks remaining from the former shipyards, another small marina for boats is located in the depth of the bay nearby from Gran Plage, and on the opposite side of the bay there are two more marinas: Port Leques and La Madrague. You can get to the marinas from the airports of Marseille - about 60 km, and Toulon-Hyères - about 70 km.

Beaches occupy almost the entire coast of La Ciotat Bay, they are very diverse - there are sandy, pebbly, there are beaches overlooking the city and shipyards converted to serve yachtsmen, there are beaches hidden in small cozy bays.

The roads of La Ciotte are congested during the season, so it is better to choose the beach from the board of a yacht rented in La Ciotat. Family sandy beaches are located in the depths of the bay to the northeast of the marinas: sandy-pebble Capuchin Beach, between it and also sandy-pebble Plage Cyrnos an area for vacationers with dogs, on other beaches human friends are prohibited, Plage Cyrnos has a playground, behind it there is a wide sandy beach dedicated to the Lumiere brothers and, finally, the main beach of La Ciotat - Gran Plage, intended for families with children and water sports. These beaches are located in the city center, have excellent infrastructure, there are many restaurants, hotels, boutiques next to them. Further, the coast is heavily indented and the beaches are hidden in small coves, they are sandy-rocky, some with pebbles, these beaches are very good for snorkelling lovers. The beaches on the opposite side of the bay and to the east of the bay are interesting.

By renting a yacht in La Ciotat you can explore many interesting dive sites, the very bottom in the center of the bay is the Parc Naturel Marin du Cap Corse et de l'Agriate national park, depths here are mostly 25- 35 m, the rocky bottom creates favorable conditions for the life of marine life. Interesting dive sites and cozy beaches are located at the western end of the bay in the area of the rocky Cape Eagle and Green Island.

Returning to the city after a busy day, you can see the sights of the city-museum and pay tribute to the Provencal cuisine.