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Fréjus is a city and commune on the French Riviera between Cannes and Saint-Tropez, where the Estrelle mountain range, which is part of the Alps, comes close to the sea. The sea harbor here was founded by Julius Caesar during his campaign to Gaul. To explore the sights and beaches of the commune, you should rent a yacht in Fréjus and take exits east to Cannes and west to Saint-Tropez. Ancient Frejus today is a single urban agglomeration with Saint-Raphael, although these cities belong to different administrative units, they have grown so much that the Old Port in the center of Saint-Raphael is located within the administrative boundaries of Frejus. The municipality calls Frejus the City of Art and History.

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You can rent a yacht in Fréjus in the marina of the town itself - Port Frejus can accept 843 yachts up to 40 m in length and 3.5 m draft - or just walk a few hundred meters to the marinas of Saint-Raphael, so more that the Old Port of Saint-Raphael still needs to be visited in order to explore the Bonaparte Memorial Park - here Napoleon landed after the victorious Egyptian campaign, and from here he headed for the first link to Elba. Getting to Marina Fréjus is easy from Nice Airport - just over 60 km, or Toulon-Hyères Airport - about 80 km.

An excellent, well-known sandy Frejus beach is located on both sides of the exit from the marina, the sand on the beach is shallow, the water is clear, the beach has an excellent infrastructure, there is a rental of any equipment for water sports, along the beach there are boulevards, parks, there are many restaurants, hotels, sports clubs. To explore other beaches, you should rent a yacht in Fréjus and go either west to the beaches of Saint-Tropez, or east to the Dramont Peninsula - in just a couple of miles you will find yourself in picturesque coves with steep banks and pebble the sandy Plage du Débarquement, on which the allied forces landed in August 1944. Near the beach is a tiny rocky Golden Island with a watchtower, the water area around the island is a favorite place for yachtsmen and fishermen.

Returning on a yacht rented in Frejus to the harbor, you can stroll through the ancient Roman city, see the Roman aqueduct, the amphitheater, go to Place Formagé with the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, see the building of the former bishop's palace, which is the city hall. And do not forget to explore the local cuisine, it is extremely diverse and, in addition to traditional Provencal, it can offer different national cuisines, including Lebanese. In Fréjus, as in Brittany, pancakes are very popular, the municipality even singles out pancakes from the category of restaurants - they are easy to recognize by the signboard "Creperie", the menu will say crepe or, more often - galette. In restaurants, the cuisines of Marseille and Nice stand out separately - your gastronomic tour of Fréjus will be no less varied than a beach holiday.