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Cannes one of the most famous resorts in the world, is located in the south of France on the Mediterranean coast. Cannes, together with another gem of the French Riviera - Nice - forms the center of the Côte d'Azur. Cannes has a long history, but most of all the city is famous for the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, which takes place annually in May. The Palais des Festivals and Congresses on the Croisette, which hosts the festival, is located next to one of the largest marinas in Cannes - Port de Cannes, which can accommodate 592 yachts up to 18 meters in length.

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Renting a yacht in Cannes is not difficult, there are several marinas along the embankments on the coast of the bay, the largest Port Pierre Canto is designed for 598 yachts up to 80 m in length and up to 7 m draft.This marina is located at the beginning of the Croisette, next to it there are two more smaller marinas. Four more marinas on the opposite west coast of Golf de la Napoul. It is very easy to get to any of the marinas of Cannes - the airport is located almost within the city limits, it is designed for private jets, and the nearest international airport, Nice, is located 60 km from Cannes.

Yacht charter in Cannes allows you to explore the many beaches in the city center and beyond, east towards Nice or west towards Saint Tropez. The beaches in Cannes stretch along the entire coastline and are interrupted only by marinas. The most popular one is located next to the Palace of Festivals in the very center of the city, it is sandy, ideal for families with children. Further, the same comfortable sandy Midi beach, on the opposite eastern side of the bay is a small cozy beach of Sours, in total, the beaches of Cannes stretch for more than 9 km, they all have excellent infrastructure, are famous for their clear azure water, leaving them you immediately find yourself in the city center to the famous embankments of Cannes.

There are many historical monuments in Cannes, the city center with the Croisette, Carnot and adjacent streets is a museum in itself. The most interesting cultural monuments are located in the sea directly opposite the center of Cannes on the Iles de Lerin islands - here are the Lérins Abbey, the Saint Honnorat fortress, the Maritime Museum. By renting a yacht in Cannes you can reach this archipelago with anchorages and cozy beaches.

The French Riviera is one of the busiest tourist centers in the world, requiring a lot of time, even for a superficial acquaintance. You cannot ignore the cuisine of the south of France - excellent restaurants are here at every turn, but it is better to choose restaurants not on the central streets - then you will plunge into the authentic gastronomic culture, appreciate the local varieties of cider, which is even more popular here than French wines. Renting a yacht in Cannes will allow you to travel anywhere in the French Riviera from Monaco in the east to Saint-Tropez in the west and even make the transitions to Toulon, exploring the picturesque bays of the French Riviera along the way.