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You can rent a yacht in Bonifacio in the Port De Bonifacio marina, it is combined with the ferry port in a long narrow bay, can accommodate yachts up to 35 m in length, but most of the 240 berths are designed for yachts no more 14 m, restrictions apply in August - transit yachts up to 18 m in length can rent a berth for no more than a day, yachts over 18 m in length - no more than 2 days. Across the strait from Bonifacio on the island of Cavallo, there is the Porto di Cavallo marina. You can get to Marina Bonifacio from Figari – Sud Corse Airport - 24 km. To get to the Marina Porto di Cavallo, you will have to take a boat from the port of Bonifacio.

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The shores of the commune are rocky, high, it is more convenient to get to the beaches by yacht rented in Bonifacio than by car along narrow and congested roads. The beaches in Bonifacio are known for almost white sand and clear turquoise water, there are many rocks in the sea, life around them is in full swing and snorkelling lovers will find something to see and photograph. The beaches of Rondinar, Balistra, Maora have some infrastructure, there are restaurants, equipment rental, it is good to relax here with children, but these beaches are crowded. For a relaxing family holiday, Cala Longa is better suited, from which Sardinia is visible; for windsurfing and kitesurfing, the Piantarella beach is good. It should be remembered that many Bonifacio beaches do not have infrastructure and you need to take everything you need with you.

By renting a yacht in Bonifacio you can not limit your vacation to the town and its surroundings, you will have access to the islands of Cavalo and Ratino off the coast of Bonifacio and more remote islands off the coast of Sardinia. Near them you will find excellent dive sites with many interesting objects at the bottom and a varied living world of the Mediterranean Sea.

Arriving in Corsica, everyone wants to get to Napoleon's homeland in Ajaccio - it is better to make this sea voyage on a yacht rented in Bonifacio - the distance by sea is almost twice as short as by land - less than 40 miles.

In Bonifacio, it is worth spending some time to inspect the old fortress walls, take pictures of the streets of the old city and the panoramic view of the bay and the sea opening from the cliff, take a selfie at the Genoese gates, explore the underground halls of the fortress-museum - such a tour will take no more than a few hours. The evening should be devoted to the study of the Corsican cuisine, it is original, the meat of semi-wild animals, chestnuts, local brocciu cheeses from goat and sheep milk are widely used, do not forget to taste the Corsican wines, they are not inferior to the wines of mainland France.