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Arzon is a city and commune located at the tip of the Ruiz Peninsula, which separates the Morbihan Gulf from the Atlantic. The city is famous for its resorts, the Miramar La Cigale thalassotherapy center, oyster farms, beaches, historical monuments and the largest yacht port in the province of Brittany. You can rent a yacht in the very center of Arzon in one of two marinas located nearby in the artificially widened Quiberon Bay, both of which are managed by Port du Crouesty, the marinas can accommodate, depending on the pier, up to 1832 yachts length up to 60 m, draft up to 3 m. The dry dock can accommodate 180 yachts, the marina has a lift for 60 tons, a crane for 30 tons, a slipway, there is a platform with a self-service cargo boom, an extensive range of services is offered to yachtsmen.

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When planning the entrance to the marina, it is necessary to remember about the Atlantic ebb and flow, the traffic at the entrance is intense. You can get to the marinas from the international airport of Nantes - it is 123 km or from the airports of Paris, but it is more than 500 km. Yacht charter in Arzon will allow you to fully enjoy the interesting, but inaccessible to other modes of transport, places in this part of Brittany. Arzon is a well-known thalassotherapy center (treatment with natural factors of the sea), there are specialized treatment centers and spacious beaches.

Some of the beaches from the marina can be reached on foot, for example, Plage du Fogeo on the Atlantic coast is only 700 meters from the port office. The beach is sandy, wide, the water is clear, but there is almost no infrastructure. Going to the end of the beach to the south, tourists come to a rock jutting into the sea, on which the hotel with its own beach Remparts De Kerjouanno is located, rebuilt from a former fort, the longest beach Plage de Kervert begins behind the rock, it is also sandy, shallow, suitable for relaxation with children, but it is wide open towards the ocean and there are waves on it, the beach also has no infrastructure. The beaches are sheltered from the waves in the Gulf of Morbihan and tourists need to rent a yacht in Arzon to explore the beaches, coves and islands of the Gulf.

Gulf of Morbihan - Little Sea - covers an area of 115 sq. km, this is a whole sea with a depth of more than 20 m inside the continent, the bay is separated from the Atlantic by a narrow strait, in the bay there are about 250 islands, the water area around them is a favorite place for fishing, snorkeling and swimming. Many islands have excellent beaches with almost white sand, clear water and gentle slopes, these beaches are good for families with children, but they are wild, without tourist infrastructure - such as Plage de Govihan on Govian Island, just opposite the coast of the commune. By renting a yacht in Arzon you can anchor anywhere in the bay and go to the beach or go fishing, snorkeling, photography or swimming from the yacht.

The evening can be devoted to shopping and Breton cuisine; there are many boutiques, souvenir shops and restaurants near the marina. The basis of Breton cuisine is pancakes, they are no less popular in France than in Russia, and you can easily recognize seafood, especially oysters, pancakes by the signboard “Creperie”, the menu will indicate crepe or galette. Local cheeses, meats, desserts, and apple ciders won't disappoint either.