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Arcachon, a small resort town with a population of about 60 thousand inhabitants, is located on the shores of the lagoon of the same name, connected to the Bay of Biscay through a narrow strait, the center of which is occupied by a long sand bank Banc d'Arguin, dividing the strait into southern and northern passages. Previously Arcachon was part of the province of Gascony, the city was founded in the middle of the 19th century as a seaside resort and soon turned into a “city of four seasons” due to the mild climate and the proximity of large cities - Bordeaux, Toulouse, Limoges. Yacht charter in Arcachon is the main way to organize a beach holiday in a warm shallow lagoon, which at high tide increases the area from 40 to 155 sq. km, and its shores are an almost continuous chain of beaches. Arcachon is called the oyster capital of France.

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You can rent a yacht in Arcachon in Port D´Arcachon, designed for 2,700 yachts up to 15 m in length and up to 4 m draft. Taking into account the peculiarities of the lagoon and the strait, it is better to rent a yacht with a local skipper. You can get to the marina from Bordeaux airport - only 65 km, but in the high season in summer you need to take into account traffic jams. Not far from the marina in the strait, the famous Arcachon beaches begin, with a total length of more than 5 km, the beaches are sandy, with a gentle slope, clear water, protected from the waves of the Bay of Biscay, but the water level is highly dependent on the ebb and flow, all the beaches are convenient for families with children. The best infrastructure has the beaches near the areas with villas - Plage d'Eyrac, Plage des Abatilles, Plage Arcachon, but these beaches are crowded during the season. For a secluded holiday on the vast sandy beaches of the Atlantic coast, you need a yacht.

Renting a yacht in Arcachon makes available to tourists and numerous beaches within the lagoon in neighboring communes and towns, and the beaches of the Bay of Biscay. The most famous of them is the largest sand dune in Europe "Saw" with a height of over 100 m, a width of over 500 m and a length of about 3 km, on the land side it is surrounded by coniferous and deciduous forests. You can explore the many beaches of the lagoon, visit the tip of the sandy Cap-Ferret, which is also an excellent sandy beach, and visit Bird Island, famous for its oyster farms, honey and stilt houses, in the center of the lagoon.

If you rent a yacht in Arcachon without a local skipper, please note that due to intensive navigation in the Beassin d'Arcachon lagoon there are speed limits: in the water area of the lagoon no more than 20 knots, at 300- meter coastal strip - 5 knots, navigation is prohibited within a radius of 100 m from the buoy indicating the presence of divers, wakeboard, water skiing are allowed outside the 300-meter coastal zone. On wild beaches, especially on the Bay of Biscay, precautions should be taken.

And an evening in Arcachon can be spent in a casino or in numerous restaurants, where you will be offered a thick fish soup buibes in the Arcachon style, stewed flounder with crab meat, duck baked in honey and, of course, various oysters. The proximity to the vineyards of Bordeaux predetermines the wine selection for dinner.