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Antibes - a city, a commune and a promontory are located on the Cote d'Azur just halfway by sea from Nice to Cannes. The name of the city, known back in the VI century BC. comes from the Greek settlement of Antipolis, the promontory jutting deep into the sea was an excellent place for a fortress on the way from Greece, then Rome to Gaul. In the XIX-XX centuries the city was transformed into a fashionable tourist center. Yacht charter in Antibes is suitable for exploring the beaches of the cape and boat trips towards Nice and Cannes, transitions around the cape to the beaches of the Bay of Billionaires and to the Bay of Juan, the very one in which Napoleon landed 100 days before the battle of Waterloo.

RM 1260
Antibes, France
  • 2014
  • Length 12.60 m
  • Beam 4.35 m
  • Draft 2.25 m
$ 2 808
per week
12:24 23.10.2021

You can rent a yacht in Antibes in the very center of the city in one of the largest marinas of the Côte d'Azur, Port Vauban Antibes, which can accommodate up to 1642 yachts up to 170 m in length and 7 in draft. Nearby is a small marina Port de la Salis, where you can rent a small boat, and on the opposite side of Cape Antibes there are two more marinas: Port Gallice for 486 yachts up to 43 m in length, with a draft of up to 2.9 m and Port du Crouton for 400 places for small boats up to 10 m in length ... You can get to the marines of Antibes from Nice Airport - less than 20 km.

There are many beaches on the coast of the cape, there are sandy and pebble ones, but most of them are paid. The small Plage de la Gravette is located next to the marina in the center of Antibes, it is sandy, shallow, protected from waves by breakwaters, good for families with children. To get to the more interesting beaches of the Cape, you should rent a yacht in Antibes and walk around the Cape. Literally half a mile away, you will find three beaches at once, one with a sandy bottom and two with a pebble one, opposite them a rock juts out of the sea - a good place for snorkelling. This is followed by the popular Plage de la Garoupe, it is sandy with excellent infrastructure, good for families with children, and beyond the tip of the cape you will find Billionaires Bay with a picturesque coastline, clear water and a diverse underwater world.

The territory of the commune of Antibes has preserved many monuments to its rich and often dramatic history. Many architectural monuments are associated with the numerous wars of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the New Age. Similar in plan to the four-pointed star Fort Carré, next to the marina, in 1592 it repelled the attack of the Duke of Savoy, and in 1794 Napoleon was expected to be shot in the punishment cell of the fort for his friendship with Robespierre. Next to the marina is the former 12th century Grimaldi castle, now it houses the Picasso Museum, at the top of the cape is the Bastion Saint-André, which has become an archaeological museum. Next to the marina, there is already a modern landmark - on the terrace of the Bastion of Saint-Jaume, a figure of a man looking out to sea made of letters.

Inspection of the monuments will take a little time, so it makes sense to make sea trips to Cannes and Nice, for this you can rent a yacht in Antibes and devote some of the time allotted to your vacation to exploring the sights and cuisine of the Côte d'Azur.