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Annecy is a city and a commune located on the northern shore of the lake of the same name in the French Alps, 35 km south of Geneva. The city of Annecy rose to prominence during the Calvinist Reformation in Switzerland, becoming the capital of the Counter-Reformation. The city is located at an altitude of 400 m above sea level, as a beach resort, it began to develop from the end of the 19th century. The whole life of the communes is concentrated around a lake about 14 km long and more than 3 km wide, so a boat is as familiar as a vehicle here.

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You can rent a yacht in Annecy in one of the many marinas that are found on the 38-kilometer coastal strip of the lake, almost more often than beaches. The largest marinas - Port of Annecy (New Port) and Old Port of Annecy are located nearby on the northern shore of the lake, the marinas are designed for 350-380 boats up to 10 m long, to the south and on the opposite shore there are 4 more such marinas and many small berths. However, if you would like to charter a yacht in Annecy during the high season from June to August, it is best to book your yacht in advance. You can get to the marinas from Geneva airport - 45 km, the other nearest international airport is in Lyon, 126 km from Annecy.

Along the entire coastline of Lake Annecy, there are sandy beaches - Imperial with an area of 17 thousand sq. m and grassy with a sandy bottom Albigny. Both beaches are excellently equipped, marked with the Blue Flag, good for families with children, and there is a picnic area on the grass on Albigny. Restaurants, shops, hotels near the beaches. Diving enthusiasts can rent a yacht in Annecy and cross to the islets in the water area, the average depth of the lake is 42 m, the maximum is 82 m, the water temperature in the season is 22-24 ° С. The yacht will allow you to easily and quickly move from one beach to another and get to local attractions and medieval towns, also concentrated around the lake - it is worth visiting Veyrie du Lac, Thaloire with its Brune beach, Sevrier and Saint Jorio, where more one excellent sandy beach overlooking the snowy peaks of the Alps. In the town of Ton, you can visit the Wood and Forest ecomuseum and visit an exact replica of a 19th century sawmill.

By renting a yacht in Annecy you can do water skiing and other water sports - the water in the lake is almost always calm, there are no waves. Getting off the yacht ashore, you can stroll along the streets of medieval Annecy, go to the city history museum located in the 12th century Le Iles Palace, walk along the canals and bridges of French Venice, do shopping in numerous boutiques, look into one of countless restaurants Annecy. Savoyard cuisine is peculiar, popular is fondue with melted cheese of different varieties, soups, meat of different varieties fried on stones, mulled wine - as it should be in the mountains.