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Beaulieu-sur-Mer - "A beautiful place on the sea" - a city and a commune on the French Riviera in the Maritime Alps, a little east of Nice and west of Monaco, the population of the commune is less than 4 thousand people, its area is less than 1 square meter. km. The settlement in these places has been known since the time of the Roman Empire, and as a resort, the town has been developing since the 19th century, when its mild climate, subtropical vegetation and cozy beaches fell in love with the crowned persons.

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You can rent a yacht in Beaulieu-sur-Mer in the Le Port de Baeulieu-sur-mer marina, located in the center of the town. The Marina is designed for 719 yachts up to 45 m in length and up to 2.5 m draft, the easiest way to get to it is from Nice International Airport - about 16 km will take no more than 25 minutes, but traffic jams are inevitable in high season. Nearby there is another smaller marina - Port des Fourmis - designed for 260 yachts up to 12 m in length and up to 1.5 m draft.

The sandy beaches of Beaulieu-sur-Mer are famous for their mild microclimate, warm water and amenities - all of them are marked with the Blue Flag and are convenient for families with children. The sandy Plage des Fourmis is sheltered from wind and waves from the west by Cap Ferrat and from the east by Cap Roux. The sand and pebble Plage Petite Afrique - "Little Africa" - is even more comfortable, with picturesque views of the sea and land towards the Alps, families with small children like to relax here. There are hotels, restaurants, parks, boulevards, boutiques near the beaches.

By renting a yacht in Beaulieu-sur-Mer you can explore the beaches of nearby communes to the east towards Monaco and to the west towards Nice, the coastline here is heavily indented, forms many bays, almost in each has a cozy beach and a great place to practice snorkeling, diving and other water sports.

Beaulieu-sur-Mer, despite its small size, is full of attractions. The visiting card of the town is the historical museum Villa Kerylos, the building was built at the beginning of the twentieth century by the archaeologist T. Reinach in the style of an ancient Greek villa from the time of Pericles, the villa must be viewed from the sea side, it is most convenient to do this on board a yacht rented in Beaulieu-Sur-Mer. The town is of interest to the 19th century English Palace, Saint Michael and Sacré Cœur churches, XI chapel in Sancta Maria De Olivo, the Rotunda Museum. It is interesting to stroll through the gardens and streets of the town, and then start exploring the neighborhood of the commune. Nearby is the famous Villa Ephrussia de Rothschild, surrounded by a huge tropical garden.

For longer excursions to Nice and Monaco, it is better to rent a yacht in Beaulieu-sur-Mer and make transitions on it, as on the way you will find picturesque places with excellent beaches: on the way to Nice immediately behind the Pointe de Saint Hospis there are two small bays Anse de Fosset and Anse de Foz with sandy beaches of the same name, and towards Monaco - a wide sandy Plage de la Baie.

Back in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, you can devote the evening to shopping and Provencal cuisine with local wines.There are many restaurants in the town that are in no way inferior to those of Nice or Monaco.